Burner Domains: A Comprehensive Guide for Businesses


In today’s interconnected business environment, where marketing platforms and CRM solutions are increasingly becoming the nerve centre of enterprises, the strategic use of burner domains cannot be overlooked. This guide will explore how incorporating burner domains can significantly bolster your operations, specifically when integrated with Altido’s CRM and Cloud services.

What is a Burner Domain?

A burner domain is a temporary domain name purchased for specific, short-lived business activities. This domain serves as a protective layer, isolating your main business domain from various associated risks and affording greater operational flexibility.

Why Are Burner Domains Advisable?

  1. Safeguarding Data Integrity in CRM Systems

Burner domains can be especially beneficial for ensuring data accuracy and integrity within Altido’s CRM solutions. For example, when importing data from external sources, a burner domain can segregate this information, allowing you to validate its quality before incorporating it into your primary Altido CRM database.

  1. Risk Mitigation in Marketing Campaigns

In the nuanced realm of digital marketing, your primary domain’s reputation is a crucial asset. By using a burner domain for email campaigns launched via the Altido Cloud platform, you can mitigate risks such as triggering spam filters, thus leaving your primary domain unscathed.

  1. A/B Testing in CRM and Marketing Campaigns

Burner domains can be invaluable for conducting A/B testing within Altido CRM. This risk-free approach allows your business to refine its marketing or customer engagement strategies without jeopardising the primary domain.

Practical Examples

  • Altido CRM Data Integration

When integrating new business units or during company acquisitions, burner domains can be used to test the compatibility and integrity of CRM data before full-scale integration into Altido’s platform.

  • Special Promotions via Altido Cloud

For time-sensitive promotional activities or beta product launches, a burner domain can segregate the effort from your main customer database, allowing a more controlled execution.

  • Reputation Management

Should an email campaign deployed through Altido not perform as anticipated, the repercussions are contained to the burner domain, making reputation management easier to handle.

Implementing Burner Domains in Altido

We recommend associating your Altido login with an email address from your burner domain. By doing so, any email campaigns or mailshots initiated through Altido will be tethered to the burner domain, thereby insulating your primary domain from any potential risks. To update the email address in your Altido account, simply navigate to ‘Profile’ and then to ‘Email Settings’, and replace your primary email with one from your burner domain.

Adding Burner Domains to Your Email Platform

Most email systems, including business-grade platforms like Office 365 and Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), allow users to associate multiple domain names and email addresses with a single inbox. Here’s how you can add a burner domain to two commonly used platforms:

Office 365

  1. Acquire a Domain: Purchase a burner domain from a reputable domain registrar.
  2. Access Admin Centre: Sign in to the Office 365 admin centre.
  3. Domain Addition: Go to ‘Setup’, then ‘Domains’, and click ‘Add Domain’.
  4. Verification: Add a TXT record to your domain’s DNS settings to verify ownership.
  5. Final Configuration: Configure the DNS settings, such as MX records.
  6. Quality Check: Conduct a test to confirm the setup is correct.

Google Workspace

  1. Domain Procurement: Purchase a burner domain from a reputable domain registrar.
  2. Access Admin Console: Log in to your Google Workspace Admin Console.
  3. Navigate to Domains: Go to ‘Domains’ and then choose ‘Add/remove domains’.
  4. Add Domain: Add the burner domain and follow on-screen instructions for verification.
  5. Complete Setup: Configure additional DNS settings such as MX records.
  6. Test Configuration: Perform a test to ensure proper setup.


Utilising burner domains in conjunction with Altido Cloud and CRM solutions provides an invaluable layer of security and operational flexibility. By effectively implementing this strategy, you can safeguard your primary domain, optimise your CRM functionalities, and execute marketing campaigns with reduced risk.