We provide solutions to unify your digital world

Whether you need integrated CRM, HR, Helpdesk, Operations, Asset Management, Supply Chain, Product Development or any Bespoke Module to support your business, Altido can deliver it quickly and securely on one platform with one login.

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Mission and impact

Altido is dedicated to delivering intuitive, affordable and adaptive on-demand software solutions in the cloud. We have a range of 'pre-built' solutions and the ability to rapidly customise these and deploy new customer-specific modules (typically within days or weeks).

  • We use 100% renewable energy for our cloud hosting
  • 1.5x more efficient than a typical enterprise data center

  • 1.10 Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)

We deliver results

At Altido, we specialise in rapid digital transformation via our Altido Cloud platform. This powerful tool removes the need for ground-up development, enabling us to deliver bespoke applications up to 4 times faster than traditional methods.

Yet speed is just one part of our equation for success. Our platform's agility means your solutions can adapt quickly to new business challenges. It's no wonder our first client from 2005 is still with us, benefiting from swift updates that keep their business ahead of the curve.

Choose Altido for fast, flexible, and future-proof solutions

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Altido Group Founder and CEO/CTO

Steve Eyre

"We're driven by a passion for transforming complex challenges into manageable solutions for our clients. By collaborating with leading partners and leveraging the advancements in Generative and Causal AI, we aim to elevate creativity and streamline operational processes. Our commitment is to deliver innovative yet practical solutions, ensuring that every step we take is in sync with our clients' needs for simplicity and efficiency."

We make your business more operationally efficient

Connecting business units, departments, processes and people.

Adaptive Solutions

Our platforms are built for versatility, flexibility, and future-proofing. We design our solutions to be customisable to your changing needs.

Robust Data Security

Data security and reliability are paramount at Altido Group. Our rigorous backup policies provide our clients with the assurance of data safety and availability.

Modular Flexibility

We can seamlessly integrate essential business functions such as CRM, Billing, HR, and Helpdesk into your platform. Select and deploy only what you need

Customized Bespoke Solutions

We excel in crafting bespoke modules tailored specifically to your unique business requirements. Our approach focuses on understanding your unique needs, developing custom solutions that integrate into your existing operations.

Unlimited Data Capacity

You are free from the limitations on database size. Our policy of no limits on data records, without additional costs for larger datasets, underlines our commitment to providing a solution that grows with your business demands.

Local Support

Our UK-based helpdesk and business success team, offer immediate support for your business needs. This ensures efficient and effective resolution to any queries or challenges you might face.

Altido Group works with trusted global partners

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