Altido is dedicated to delivering intuitive, affordable and adaptive on-demand software solutions in the cloud. We have a range of 'pre-built' solutions and the ability to rapidly customise these and deploy new customer-specific modules (typically within days or weeks).

Our Aim

Our aim is to progressively add to our existing solutions and integrations, delivering an integrated set of solutions that work together seamlessly to deliver tighter control, process visibility, increased profitability and growth for our clients.

Key Values

Altido believes in: honesty, fairness, simplicity, flexibility and affordability. We strive to achieve these values in what we do.

Product Development

All of our product development is done from our headquarters in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. All of our development and technical staff are based there.

Support and Maintenance

The support and maintenance of our products is also delivered from our headquarters in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. The Helpdesk and Development teams work closely together to support our clients.

Business Ownership

Altido is a privately owned business registered and operating in the UK. Our growth since inception has been organic and not through external investment therefore we are focused entirely on what is in the best interests for our customers and no-one else.