The Importance of Customisable CRM

Customisable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, such as Altido CRM, is a valuable tool for small businesses. It allows them to streamline and organise their customer interactions and data, making it easier to manage relationships and improve customer satisfaction. CRM software can be customised to fit the specific needs and goals of a small business. It can be used to manage and track customer interactions, including sales, support, and marketing efforts. It can also help small businesses analyse customer data and make informed decisions about their sales, marketing, and custome...

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Digital Transformation for SMEs

The term 'digital transformation' means different things to different people but essential it typically means the removal of manual processes and the adoption of digital and automated processes within a department, business unit or organisation. The main drivers for this often include (not in any order): Improved efficiency Improved scalability Cost reduction Improved service Increased value This a very high level walk through one approach to digital transformation. Where to Start? It's not uncommon for a department or an individual to seek out digital solutions for specific requir...

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