Should you wait until your customer base is large enough to merit a centralised system, or should you buy the system to support and enable growth?

If the answer to either of the two following questions is yes then it is safe to say that it would be highly beneficial to have a CRM solution in place:
(1) Do you have one or more customers or targets?
(2) Do you have more than one person dealing with your customers?

In simple terms, if you’re a customer-facing business and you’re looking for sustainable growth, investing in CRM software is a crucial investment, and it’s never too early to make it.

Any company whether big or small face many of the same problems and, with the introduction of cloud based systems there are now a vast range of excellent web-based tools available to all businesses regardless of the size.

In the past the CRM systems available to small companies were often desktop/server based
but, as the suppliers of cloud based systems improved the tools and expanded the functionality for the needs highlighted by larger companies, these tools become available to smaller companies.

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