6 Tips for Effective Business Blogging

What is a Blog?

“A regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group that is written in an informal or conversational style”
Many blogs provide information on a particular subject and a typical blog combines text, images and links to other blogs or web pages. Business blogging generally relates to the subject of their business or their target market.
In short, it is a place to express your thoughts and your passions to the world about any subject you want with the opportunity of reaching hundreds and even thousands of people every day.
Blogging now forms a very cost-effective and easy way to promote your business by
• Driving Traffic to your website & Increase your SEO
• Enabling you to share your knowledge as an industry leader
• Develop Better Customer Relations
• Allows you to set the agenda of a particular subject in your favour

Components of a Successful Blog

We have put together the following guideline specifically for business blogging

1. Plan in Advance

Lack of time and ideas are the most frequently cited reasons many small businesses do not have a blog or fail to maintain momentum. However, with a bit of planning, you can have enough ideas to keep your blog running for months, even years ahead. For example, your posts could be answers to questions most frequently posed by your customers. 

2. Choose a Compelling Title

Once you have chosen your subject you need to come up with a compelling title. This is your chance to captivate your audience. If the title doesn’t grab the immediate attention of your audience they will look elsewhere and will not continue to read your subject matter. First impressions count! Some good examples are things like “5 Reasons to … ####” or “6 Top Tips to Save Money on ####’, etc.

3. Content

The key to a successful business blog is to give your readers valuable information so they not only read what you’ve written but also look forward to future articles. It has to be understood by your full audience (experts and novices in the subject area) and therefore be careful that your terminology is easily comprehensible. Ensure the subject matter is not too formal or overly rigid and most importantly make it educationally interesting rather than using it as a sales pitch. In fact never try and overtly sell or promote your services within the blog.

4. Frequency

Aim for a frequency that you can maintain. The key is consistency. Don't start a blog and then abandon it halfway. The more frequently you update your blog (and by extension, your website), the more likely your website will climb up search engine rankings and also gain visibility for your target customers. If you’re planning on writing a significant article once a month then that will provide you with enough content for a quarterly email newsletter without you having to think of content for that – bonus!

5. Blog sharing

Links back to your website are one of your greatest marketing tools. Make it easy for your readers to share your blog. Consider using a free social sharing service like AddThis (www.addthis.com ) to make sharing articles easy. Remember to always post a link to your blog article on your own social sites too (particularly Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn)

6. Blog Comments

If you have a comments facility on blog we would recommended that you switch it off otherwise you could be leaving yourself open to abuse or spamming. There is one school of thought that tells us to embrace dialogue with your readers which will in-turn help with SEO. This would be true if it weren’t for spammers who search out every possible way of posting links to their sites or the sites of their sponsors. This means that you spend an inordinate amount of time reviewing posts to make sure there is nothing libellous or commercially inappropriate. If you do allow comments, make sure they are not posted live without vetting.


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