The Phenomenon That is Social Media

You can’t underestimate the power of social media.

Over the past week, Facebook has been taken over by a new trend to raise awareness for cancer.

News feeds across the world have been inundated with pictures of females without make up, with the hashtag #nomakeupselfie.

As opposed to running a marathon or jumping out of an aeroplane at 15,000 feet, Females have been taking pictures of their make-up free complexion, posting it on Facebook and then nominating a group of friends to do likewise.

Simple as it may seem, the craze quickly gained momentum. In 24 hours, 800,000 women had taken part and over £1million had been raised. Astonishing figures.

Let’s take a second to break that down. 800,000 posts in 24 hours. That’s over 33,000 pictures an hour and over 550 posts a minute.

How many other platforms can offer such a far-reaching audience?

The amount raised has now surpassed £2million, with a vast array of celebrities taking part, from Presenter Holly Willoughby to Actress Michelle Keegan. It’s touched the nation’s heart.

The amazing thing about the whole campaign is that it had nothing to do with Cancer Research – the brand modestly admitted it wasn’t their doing! And ultimately thanked the public for their generosity.

But there’s a lesson in this for businesses of any size: Social media cannot be ignored.

Recent studies found there are now over 1 billion Facebook users worldwide, and 560 million active members on Twitter. Get the content right because the audience is obtainable.

And this latest campaign just goes to show: If Social Media is used correctly, the results speak for themselves.

If you would like to donate to cancer research it can be done here: or simply text BEAT to 70007.

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