Bespoke CRM Solutions

CRM Tailored For Your Organisation

There are common features prevelant in any CRM in any business. However, every business has its own specific idiosyncracies, processes and information enabling it to operate and gain advantage over its competitors.

The Altido CRM platform was to designed specifically allow rapid and affordable solution development specific to any organisation. The bespoke CRM solutions we deliver can be adapted on an ongoing basis to ensure they are always in tune with the requirements of the business.

Bespoke CRM Examples

Examples of some bespoke modules we have delivered include:

  • Custom order and invoice processing
  • Compliance management
  • Asset management
  • EDI integration
  • Bespoke forecasting
  • Bill of materials
  • Psychmetric testing and 360 review platform


Business Process Improvement

We have a team of experienced business analysts capable of business process modelling, business process improvement, requirement gathering, systems analysis and design who work independently or withn your team to define a solution specific to your business. We will often recommend staggering the deployment of larger systems into phases.