Mobile Friendly Email Templates

Mobile Responsive Emails

The Altido email platform supports the uploading of completely bespoke HTML templates to support any scenario. The built-in temaplte builder provide a range of customisable templates which are all email friendly by default.

You can change the logos and colours to suit your brand and the temapltes allow you to insert dynamic content sections including text, images, diverers, personalisation (e.g. Dear [firstname]), etc.

Template Examples

The following is a small selection of templates available all of which can be customised. Further examples available on request.


Upload Your Own

If the temapltes that are provided within the platform are not close enough to your branding or requirements and, if you have in-house HTML skills, then you can simply upload your own templates with a couple of clicks.

Bespoke Templates

Altido also offer an outsourced template build service where our team will work with you to deliver a truly unique email template to your specific requirements.