Why you’re never too small for CRM

Should you wait until your customer base is large enough to merit a centralized system, or should you buy the system to support and enable growth? If the answer to either of the two following questions is yes then it is safe to say that it would be highly beneficial to have a CRM solution in place:(1) Do you have one or more customers or targets?(2) Do you have more than one person dealing with your customers? In simple terms, if you’re a customer-facing business and you’re looking for sustainable growth, investing in CRM software is a crucial investment, and it’s...

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9 Things to Consider when Choosing a CRM platform.

Taking into account the following basic points will not only ensure that you get the right system from the start but that your time and money was well invested. A good CRM is an investment that will pay for itself over and over again by increasing profits and helping your company retain clients. 1. Does it fit your budget? When examining CRM solutions, it is important to know if the benefits will justify the costs for your company. If your first choice costs more than you can afford, reprioritise your list of requirements and compare them with the features of applications that do fall within...

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7 Reasons to Invest in CRM

Forming and maintaining relationships is probably the most crucial aspect of any business irrespective of the size of the organisation and, investing in a CRM system can not only make your day-to-day working life so much easier but, it can be a critical tool to your organisation's success. The key benefits of investing in CRM software include. 1. Data Centralisation and Ownership Let’s face it, our memory is not perfect and unless information is recorded, things get missed! With CRM, critical business information is stored on one central place instead of saved on numerous spreadsheets...

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